Kingdom Hearts OC Roy Drawing

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Uploaded: Feb 23, 2012
Artist: WolfFaolan
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This is my Kingdom Hearts OC. This is outfit #1. He has an organization XIII coat. He is old in relation to the Kingdom Hearts timeline. He was at least 7 in Ventus's, Tera's, and Aqua's time. he's at least 18 in this pic. Info: Somebody: Roy Nobody: Xyro (pronounced zero) Eye color: Blue Hair color: White in the back, black in the front Outfit colors: Black, white, red, grey Keyblade: Broken Existence World: Radiant Garden Age: 7 (Birth by Sleep), 16/17 (358/2 Days), 17 (KH I), 18 (KH II) Backstory: At the age of 5, Roy was hired as one of the palace guards working under Ansem, though he refused to wear uniform. He would carry a sword that was strapped on his back. He met Ventus once when he was 7 and helped him fight some Unverse. While fighting he discovered and activated his keyblade, Broken Existence, which replaces his sword when unsheathed. Braig brought him to see Xehanort and fight him. Once he proved his strength, Xehanort sent Roy to fight Terra. In return Xehanort would teach him how to control the keyblade better. Roy fought Terra and lost, getting a scar on his nose in the process. Roy then secretly trains with Xehanort, who teaches him the powers of darkness. Learning quickly, Roy ends the training by fighting Xehanort for the last time. After the events of Terra's body being taken over, Roy befriends Xehanort's new form along with Braig. Later, when the organization comes together, Roy let's himself be consumed by the darkness. His keyblade spli