Elf Girl Drawing

Elf Girl © 2017 AngryVideoGameNerdLuvr 3 / 4

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Uploaded: Apr 9, 2010
Artist: AngryVideoGameNerdLuvr
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Artist comments

This is a drawing of Elf Girl tutorial by Dawn. I didnt do a background because I didn't know what to do :-0 this took me a while to do, but overall it turned out okay, one of my better drawings. Thanks for the tut dawn this is really cute! The scanner I used for this was different than the other pictures i uploaded here, so the color is a little ugly and faded, but it looks a lot better in real life. This is one of the very few drawigns I color. I only did that because this one looks awesome. She kinda looks like a mix of Link from Legend of Zelda and Tinkerbell, don't ya think? Anyway, tell me what you think of it!!! (P.S. Can you see the little eyes that are to the left of her head? I was trying to draw something next to it but it didnt turn out good so i tryed to erase it, but it didnt work)