Meet Me By The Water Drawing

Meet Me by the Water © 2017 Evolet 40 / 58

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Uploaded: Dec 29, 2011
Artist: Evolet
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Artist comments

Lazy summer afternoon, not really in a 'romantic mood' but I thought I would finally paint a song I like that I picked up from a movie awhile back - "Bella" starring Eduardo Verastegui ;) ...used pen & acrylic paint + some effect in the song - “Meet Me By the Water” by: RACHAEL YAMAGATA 'would you meet me by, the water, baby? We'll have a really good time, would you meet me by, the water, baby? 'Cause I can't get you off of my mind……. I've been thinking everyday about you, Don't fit anywhere into my life, but that's okay 'Cause I think I might be right for you, And because of that, I'm not scared at all…… And everyone says I'm crazy, And everyone says I'm a fool, Would you meet me by the water tonight? 'Cause I'm ready, to break all the rules……. Please don't leave me standing with my heart in my hand I can't last here, I'm breaking down, and no one understands why I got here, But I knew it from the very first moment that I, met you, You'd be the one…… You'd be the one…… Would you meet me by the water tonight? Would you please fall asleep holding my hand? 'Cause I've got everything in store for you, baby….. If you'll be my man……' ( ewww it sounds so mushy now... oh well :P )