Victorian Blue Dragon Sketch

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Uploaded: Dec 11, 2011
Artist: Skytalon16
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Artist comments

A WIP, as I am still working on the crest feathers and tail design. I was looking in my Animal Encyclopedia and I marveled at the beauty of the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, which is a cobalt blue to a grayish blue in color with maroon eyes and breast. They are believed to be the largest species of pigeon on the planet, being 29 inches long and weighing 5.3 lbs. It's Latin name is Goura victoria. I wanted to make a dragon based on it after a couple of minutes of staring at it in awe. I made the dragon's beak more raptor-like than pigeon-like; I just thought the pigeon's beak would look awkward.. I will post the final, colored version in due time. But for now, please enjoy this, as plain as it is.. :/