Tahir Confronts Davu Drawing

Tahir Confronts Davu © 2017 Sariye 49 / 58

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Uploaded: Aug 27, 2011
Artist: Sariye
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King Tahir appraoches Davu, his face serious. "So, you want to marry my daughter Eshe? Davu gulps, the time had finally come to ask King Tahir for his eldest daughter to be his mate. "Yes, sir" Tahir eyes him, rolling over the thought in his mind. _______________ Another proud TLK drawing. You have already seen Davu and Eshe in a previous TLK drawing done recently. Her is Ehse's father King Tahir and Davu. The moment and old tradition of the man asking the woman's father if he may marry his daughter. I will create reference sheets soon.