Roxy Midka From MagnaCarta Drawing

Roxy Midka from MagnaCarta © 2017 journie 33 / 56

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Uploaded: Aug 18, 2011
Artist: journie
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from Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. this is Roxy Midka, one of the Yason's ledgendary Four Warriors. You bump into her quite a lot throughout the game, but the first time you see her is when Calintz and his team are retreating across the bridge back into Garute after the failed attack on Epentar.Unable to defeat her familiar, Steelheart, Calintz orders his team to retreat to Lester, but he stays and collapses the bridge, going down along with the monster. Just after that Reith finds him and saves his life. But anyway, just because Roxy's a "bad guy" doesnt mean she's evil. She's just fighting to protect her people. The real evil guy, Neikan, is just playing the two sides (the humans &the Yason)against each other just long enough so he can get the Light of Salvation. *Spoiler* Sadly, Roxy dies when she saves Orha(one of the 4 warriors) and Serina from Carian (another of the 4 Warriors) who usurps the throne after Queen Amila dies.