Metus Heavy Drawing

Metus Heavy © 2017 The_Nezumi 35 / 45

drawing contest
Uploaded: Jul 27, 2011
Artist: The_Nezumi
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Artist comments

A concept for a heavy soldier in metus.Overall pretty happy with the idea and I like the drone...alot actually, to the point where I like it more then the soldier since it reminds me of Potato Glados.There are a few mistakes as a result of experimentation/not paying attention but couldn't be bothered since it's a later reference. A bit about the character. The suit was developed by the Metus security group specifically for use with the Ga-Z (type-R) .75 cal tri barreled auto cannon. The initial prototype proved more then capable of handling the cannon.The pilots however,did not.The resonant frequency of the suit combined with the cannon firing 1000rpm resulted in a painful phenomenon where the tendons in the fore arm would start to separate from the bone. A two step approach was taken to solve this problem: firstly the motor system was restrained(hence type-R) to 700rpm which proved to be only partially effective. Secondly strands of bio carbitanium fiber developed for sniper squadrons were implanted into the tendons for reinforcement which finally reduced the problem to an acceptable level. Current protocol advises reporting any stinging sensation to medical personnel,preferably after an engagement.