Left 4 Dead Hunter Drawing

Left 4 Dead Hunter © 2017 Phlex 7 / 19

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Uploaded: Jul 12, 2011
Artist: Phlex
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This Drawing Is Off The Game Left 4 Dead, This Character is Called A Hunter. The Hunters Job In The Game Is To Kill The Survivors, The Hunter Can Pounce From Great Distances And Heights And Land Without Taking Any Damage. He Pounces On Survivors And Basically Rips You Up Until Your Dead Or Until A Team mate helps you. This Would Have To Be My Favourite Character In Both The L4D Games Because They Have This Cool As Scream When They pounce, they can Pounce From High As Buildings And Walljump, They Kill Survivors Fast And Can Land On A survivor from a massive jump and Hit 25damage From Its Pounce. I Usually PLay The First L4D Because Its Got High Buildings And Better Jumps And All The Levels are At night not morning.