Stickfigure Comic Drawing

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drawing contest
Uploaded: Jul 1, 2011
Artist: Ziiteara
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Artist comments

Just incase you can't read the writing! Stickfigure1:(hums) Stickfigure2:?? Stickfigure1:(hums) Stickfigure2:What are you doing? Stickfigure1: !! Stickfigure2:(-.-;) Stickfigure1:NOOOO!! MY HAPPY BUBBLE IS GONE!!!!! Stickfigure2: (wtf!) Stickfigure1: AHHHHH!!!! Stickfigure2: Riiiiight... i'll just be leaving now... (Stickfigure1 has commited suicide) Stickfigure2: I just painted that wall!!!! >