The Heart Of One Piece Drawing

The Heart of One Piece © 2017 darkphoenix 116 / 116

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Uploaded: Jun 6, 2011
Artist: darkphoenix
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Artist comments

One Piece is a new favorite of mine. I was watching the funimation english uncensored dub on, but the creator removed it (so mad). if anyone knows a site where i can watch for free with the afore mentioned, plz tell me! anyways, the main theme of one piece in my opinion is to follow your heart and dreams no matter what. So i drew headshots of them smiling. I know Sanji and Zoro look a lil weird, but at least they're still recognizable. i have no idea why Usopp came out looking like a girl, but i kinda liked it like that and decided to leave it alone. at the top i have captioned, "If i die pursuing my dream, then i die. But nothing will stand in my way." This, i feel, is the heart and soul of one piece, the mouthpiece message creator Eiichero Oda, wanted to get across.