The Seven Archdemons Drawing

The Seven Archdemons © 2017 xRavenwingx 30 / 74

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Uploaded: Feb 24, 2011
Artist: xRavenwingx
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Artist comments

The Seven Archdemons in my manga. Their color represents who they are opposed to: 1. Lucifer (green) His name means "Morning Star" or "Day Star" He was filled with pride because of his beauty, and because of his sin, he was cast out of Heaven. He is sometimes considered to be Satan. 2. Beelzebeb (dark blue) His name means "Lord of Flies" He is considered the prince of demons and has power over lightning. 3. Leviathan (orange) His name means "Coiled One" or "Twisted One". Ledgend has it that his mouth is the gateway to Hell. 4. Asmodeus (light blue) His name means "Demon of Wrath". He despises the archangel Raphael. 5. Sammael (purple) His name means "The Blind god" He is considered both a member of the heavenly angels (with often grim and destructive duties) and a Fallen Angel of Death. 6. Belial (yellow) Her name means "Lacking Worth". She is two seperate beings, The more dominant one lies within her and speaks through her in a backwards language. 7. Moloch (red) His name means "King". He Controlls fire and burning ashes.