The Seven Archangels Drawing

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Uploaded: Feb 24, 2011
Artist: xRavenwingx
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Artist comments

These are the seven Archangels in my manga: 1. Michael, the one outlined in green. His name means "Who is eaqual to God?" Yes, his name is a question. Michael is the chief prince of the angels of heaven. 2. Gabriel, outlined in dark blue. His name means "Strength of God" In my manga, he has power over lightning. 3. Raphael (light blue). His name means "God has healed" He's more of a lover than a fighter, but he fights for what he loves. 4. Uriel (red) His name means "Fire of God" or "Light of God" He is fire incarnate. 5. Azrael (Purple) His name means "Whom God Helps" He's the angel of death and also gives comfort to those who are dying 6. Ariel (yellow) Her name means "Lion of God" or "Lioness of God" She keeps watch over all of nature and animals of earth 7. Zadkiel (orange) His name means "Righteousness of God" He brings God's righteous judgment upon the wicked.