Nozomi Tojo Drawing

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Uploaded: Jun 20, 2017
Artist: lolligirl225
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Guess who's back...? Yup, you got that right! Today is the start of summer break, and hell, am I exhausted from all of my schoolwork. School has kept me from drawing for a couple of months, but I had gotten this baby done sometime last month. And yes, I made time to make a tutorial for this as well, surprisingly enough. The only artwork I've actually had time to do was for my art class. The next bunch of art that I'm going to upload is stuff that I made in that class. There's actually a lot more after that that needs to be uploaded, but I have to take a picture of them. Anyways, now that that is out of the way... I hope you like my drawing of Nozomi AND, if you want to learn how to draw her, go on and check out my tutorial! Have a great summer, everyone! /// Anime: Love Live! School Idol Project /// Character: Nozomi Tojo /// Reference URL: /// All credits belong to the original artist. I do not own the character or the anime. ///