Chibi China Drawing

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Uploaded: Aug 26, 2016
Artist: lolligirl225
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Artist comments

Whelp. This is probably one of the last things that I'll be uploading for a while... I'm starting high school! And sadly, my art classes don't start until 2nd Semester. T-T But, I will be uploading artwork whenever I can get the chance. Mostly on weekends, probably... and I'll try to make a tutorial again. So, I hope you like this drawing... Have a good school year, everyone! :-) The Quote on the top says: "Aiyah! The nations are weird aru, but I stood with them. I still want them in my life no matter how mad I get aru." ~ China Anime: Hetalia Axis Powers Character: China (Yao) Original Picture Link: All credits go to the original artist.