Kingdom Hearts Meow Wow As A Female Human Drawing

Kingdom Hearts Meow Wow as a Female Human © 2020 GraceHowlandYouTuber 1 / 1

Uploaded: Jun 25, 2016
Artist: GraceHowlandYouTuber
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NOTE: I do NOT own Kingdom Hearts or Meow Wow, and credit goes to Square Enix and Disney! Hi guys! It's me, Grace Howland, from my YouTube channels, Grace Howland and Kid Icarus Pit, and this is my first artwork! I just randomly decided one day to draw the dream eater, Meow Wow, as a female human. The 3DS game, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance doesn't actually confirm Meow Wow's gender, but I decided to draw it as a female human anyways! I'm thinking about drawing Meow Wow as a male human next! If you want me to draw artwork or make tutorials on more Kingdom Hearts dream eaters as humans, comment down below! :D