The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker HD Drawing

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD © 2019 Tigereyes 46 / 47

Uploaded: Jan 6, 2016
Artist: Tigereyes
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Artist comments

I am finally so proud to present the drawing i have spent the last week working so hard on with my new Copic markers, to represent one of the best Legend of Zelda games in the series. I personally have never played the Wind Waker, due to the fact that i do not have a Wii U, but i am a huge fan of the series so i have researched it and watched other Youtubers play it. Just the other day, i realized that there is a Wind Waker game for Gamecube, and Wind Waker HD game for the Wii U. I immediately began wondering if there was an actual difference between the two games or if one is just in HD and the other is not. Turns out, the HD one has several small changes, including the Tingle Tuner being removed from the non-HD game, and the swift sail being added to the HD game. There are many other small changes or fixes, but none are all too important, and there are too many for me to list at the moment. Back to the drawing! Ok, so like i previously said, this was done simply in Copic markers, as i did not feel the need to use any other drawing equipment since the actual Wind Waker HD graphics have a very cartoony style, so all of the characters or objects in the game are very single colored. I first did the outline in HB pencil (3 days), then i inked in the outline with a Micron 01 pen and a Micron 03 pen (2 days). Finally, i took out my Copic markers and did the first layer or base layer of color (1 day). For the last day i did a bit of shading and blending here and there, and finally