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Uploaded: September 22, 2008
Artist: darnoses123
Difficulty: Novice  Novice Skill Level
Steps: 4
Updated: September 22, 2008
P.O.V: Front
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Artist comments

Hello my friends, and right now (If you are viewing my tutorial)we will learn how to draw Conker from Conker:Live And Reloaded.Conker is a dirty, and a funny squirrel. Conker: Live And Reloaded is a remix of Conker's Bad Fur Day. I think Conker: Live And Reloaded was made in 2005 or 2004 (probably 2007). Well anyway, Conker:Live And Reloaded is published by Xbox, the popular game system (I do not know why) but it is popular. The game was made for Nintendo 64 before, but now it is for Xbox (I am confused). Well, I wish you luck on the tutorial, and uhh,,, make sure to leave a comment for me.

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how to draw conker from conker live and reloaded

How to Draw Conker from Conker Live And Reloaded

how to draw conker from conker live and reloaded step 1


Get started by making the guidelines. Make the helmet, the guidelines for his face and some more for his body. This tutorial could be a little tricky but you know, learning isn't always easy. Well, now you would want to make his cigar on the right side of his mouth, and please make it look like the cigar is in his mouth.
how to draw conker from conker live and reloaded step 2


Okay, this is were we get to the detail part of this tutorial. You will need to make his arms and you will need to make his face. Make sure to make fur poof out of his face. Make the eyes exactly like what you see on the picture. Do not forget to make his hands, he needs them to pick up stuff (Ha! joke). There in the left near his armpit put a pocket protector, and under his chin, make his collar and his throat/neck.
how to draw conker from conker live and reloaded step 3


High detail time! Basically make all of the details that you see above. This is the part were you can make his shoes and you can make his pants. Yeah! He can walk(Joke). There are a little pocket protectors on his suit so make sure to make those too. Make his pupil and the rest that you see.
how to draw conker from conker live and reloaded step 4


You are now finished. You can now erase all of the guidelines that you made and look at the picture and erase all of the guidelines till he looks like the picture above. I hope it came out great and please leave a comment for my tutorial. darnoses123@Dragoart.com