how to draw an anime couple

How to Draw an Anime Couple

how to draw an anime couple step 1


Start by drawing out the head shapes, and then draw in the body guidelines like so. Be sure the body lines are drawn in the pose they will be drawn in.
how to draw an anime couple step 2


Now lets start sketching out the shapes of this couples faces. The female has her head in a downward position, and the male has his head close to her face. Once the faces are sketched out, begin drawing in the eyes or the beginning lining for their eyes. The females eyes should be drawn bolder or darker then the male.
how to draw an anime couple step 3


Okay, let's get the faces finished in this step. Draw in the rest of the eyes and as you can see the girl has very big, sexy eyes. Color in the pupils, and then sketch out their noses, mouths, and then sketch in all the facial detailing associated with each character. For instance, sketch in those blush marks, and his scar over his lip. Also, don't forget to draw in the eyebrows as well.
how to draw an anime couple step 4


My favorite part. Now I want you guys to start drawing out their hairstyles and my favorite style out of the two characters is the girl. I love the way her hair bangs fall on her forehead in a two part manner. It totally matches her facial expression. Next, once his hair is sketched out, draw in his neck, and shoulder.
how to draw an anime couple step 5


Now guys, it's time to start drawing out the their bodies and clothes. Start by sketching out his shirt which has a high stiff collar. Next, draw in his shoulders, shirt sleeve, and then her right shoulder and shirt sleeve. You will also need to sketch out the arm that he has wrapped around her left side which is being used to embrace her. Draw in the hand but not completely.
how to draw an anime couple step 6


Before you start drawing out her body, you will need to finish off his upper body first. Do this by drawing out the collar detailing, and then draw in his under-shirt collar line as well as the button straps. Next draw in the finger lines, and then draw in his ring that he is on his index finger. Now you can draw out her body starting with the rest of her shoulders, and sleeves. Next draw the arms, and then draw in her complete torso. Give her shirt a nice bottom line, and then add some detailing and definition as well. Don't forget to draw in her hands and fingers too.
how to draw an anime couple step 7


Now you can draw out his other arm, and then draw in the rest of his swaying jacket. Be sure to add the under shirt, and then sketch out the creases in the jacket as well. For the girl, all you have to do is draw in some of the fold and crease lines on her t-shirt for added texture and definition.
how to draw an anime couple step 8


For the last step, all you have to do is draw out the lower halves of their bodies. Do this with the female first because his left leg is actually hiding behind her right leg. Once the legs and his pants are drawn out, add some detailing and decoration to her panties. You can also choose to draw a skirt or a pair of pants on her if you want. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.
how to draw an anime couple step 9


Now you are all done. Color in this anime couple and use them in your next character creation if you like. Thanks for joining me with this awesome tutorial on how to draw an anime couple.