how to draw two people

How to Draw Two People

Step 1.

This is an important tip I'd like to intro to some of you novice folks on "drawing people". First things first, you'll be needing to understand that the average height of a human being is '6 heads tall'. You can go ahead and add 7-8 heads to taller characters that take an effectively strong stature that emphasize their character. Take time and examine the traits of your character's personalities and what makes them stand out. If you feel that tallness will increase their value, then do so! In this tutorial, I introduce you my two OC's (original characters), Bachimaru and Asuka. They'll be the stars of this tutorial, both tormenting each other in disarray!

Step 2.

Now here's a step I had so much raving fun on! Some of you sometimes wonder what it's like to 'gender swap' your characters for trickster's sake. I swapped the genders of Asuka and Bachimaru to spread a little tormenting love... When you 'gender swap', you'll mainly want to take a character's existing attributes and transfer it into a more feminine/masculine way. As you can see, I made Bachi's breasts 'humunjus' and Asuka very manly to dominate poor ol' Bachi's place! Notice how females have lashes that stand out than males (unless you have a very feminine male). Male characters are depicted easier by having thick eyebrows and muscle tone. Examine the various body types to create unique people.

Step 3.

Ah yes, there was much fun and adoration put into this very step, showing you the various ways two people can react against one another. To the top left, there is a typical 'bear hug' that two people can support. You can either have someone openly accepting the hug or dreading it like they've been set into hell's arms. In this case, Asuka and Bachimaru are enemies; meaning they never get along. To the top right, I forcefully draw the two enjoying a romantic kiss (which I guarantee Asuka will slaughter me a bloody murder ;D). There are many ways to "draw two people kissing"; though in this tutorial I don't get into depth with that as much as I would. There's endless ways to draw kisses; whether it be a forceful, passionate, friendly, or normal one. Watch movies, observe your friends, and always JOT THE POSE IDEAS DOWN! Lastly, teasing is a very common action that two people can accompany in. I used the ol' jostling the hair offense which is commonly popular in brother/brother relationships.

Step 4.

Now you will be drawing two sets of people like you see here. To begin start by drawing out the basic guidelines and shapes to make the frame work for your two figures. Draw two heads, and then make stick figure bodies.

Step 5.

We will stay focused on the heads of each character that you will be drawing to keep things flowing nicely. Begin by sketching out the shapes of their heads like you see here. Along with the head shapes are the outlining of the noses, jawline, and necks. The figure to the left is going to be drawn from the side view.

Step 6.

Okay, Now begin sketching out the eyes in full detail and form for both people you see here. If you want to draw a different emotion on their faces, now is the time to do so. When the eyes are drawn out you can then sketch out their noses, mouths and ears or ear for the person to the left.

Step 7.

Now that the facial features are all drawn in, you can now start moving onto drawing out their hairstyles, and any accessories that you may want to dress them with. For me I drew a knit hat on my character but nothing on the figure to the left. For her all you have to do is sketch out the short hairdo, and then draw in the hairstyle for my male figure which is long, straight and blocky.

Step 8.

Now it's time to draw out their bodies and if I were you I would start with the female because she is the hardest. Start with the shoulders, and arm, and then turn around and draw out her chest, torso, stomach, and leg. The lining for the leg should also be the same lining that forms her buttocks, and arched back. When she is all done you can then draw out his arm, hand, chest, and some of his waist like you see here. Be sure to draw these two people with straight postures.

Step 9.

Okay, draw out the rest of her body by sketching out the opposite leg. As you can see this is easily achieved because you drew the shape of the rear end in step eight. Once the leg is drawn out you can add her toes and then draw out the rest of her arms. Her hands are hiding behind her back so you don't have to worry about drawing them out. Next, draw out his legs and feet like so, and also sketch out some of the neck detailing.

Step 10.

You can now begin sketching out their clothes like you see here. For both figures they are wearing tank tops, and jeans, and for both figures their jeans are cuffed at the bottom. Draw in the detailing which adds the wrinkles, creases and folds, and then draw in the pant waist line in detail as well. Before you draw out their clothes you should erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 11.

When all is said and done you should end up with an awesome drawing like the one you see here. Now you can go ahead and color the two people in. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to draw two people step by step. Have fun coloring them in guys!

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Hey folks! It's another tutorial that must be submitted here on DragoArt! In this tutorial, I will be guiding you in a step by step fashion on "how to draw two people", step by step. Now, I like to expand and strengthen my skills on drawing two people interacting since my people drawing skills have slacked a bit. After all, I've been drawing cartoons, portraits, and lots of pop cultured things that don't entirely require a human body. The two features in this tut are my OC's Bachimaru and Asuka. You can view the two in my art gallery here at the site if you'd like to get a better taste of them. I have to admit, Bachi looks a little sick and albino in the picture previewed. The line art looks much better than the colors themselves. Anyways, I've gotta go since I've been enduring long periods of under-sleeping! Thanks for viewing this tut and have fun learning "how to draw two people"!

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