how to draw emo love

How to Draw Emo Love

how to draw emo love step 1


You are drawing two figures, and to start draw tow head shapes, the facial lining , and then the shapes of their bodies or torso's.
how to draw emo love step 2


Here you will start sketching out the classic emo style hair cuts. For the boy he has short hair with a long side bang that hangs or covers the left side of his face. The girl has a long hair style, with bangs that rest just above her brow. When you have drawing out their hair styles, you can move to the next step.
how to draw emo love step 3


Sketch out the shapes of their faces, and then draw in the eyes, eyebrows, and mouths. The faces are in chibi form to make this tutorial not only cuter, but easier too. Once the eyes are drawn on the girl, you can thicken the top eye line, and then add the bottom lining for the eye-liner on both faces. Draw the eyeballs, and then draw the cute bow in her hair, as well as the rest of her long hair.
how to draw emo love step 4


Begin sketching out their shirts, including the sleeves and all. Once that is done you can then move to the next step. See how easy this lesson is.
how to draw emo love step 5


Continue to draw the emo clothes, and then add the stripes on her sleeves, and on his scarf. Draw a spiked bracelet on his wrist, and the hands for both the boy and girl. Draw the bent legs and or knees, and then draw a necklace around her neck.
how to draw emo love step 6


Here all you have to do is sketch out their pants, and or legs. I drew them to look like they are sitting on something. As you can see instead of skinny jeans, I drew them wearing a pair of baggy tripp style pants.
how to draw emo love step 7


Sketch out the feet and or sneakers, and you are all done. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew n step one to prepare the cute couple for color.
how to draw emo love step 8


You can now go to town and start coloring in your newly drawn couple. I hope you had fun learning how to draw emo love, step by step. Join me again for another fun filled tutorial.