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Uploaded: March 16, 2014
Artist: Demonwolf_faerie
Difficulty: Novice  Novice Skill Level
Steps: 21
Updated: March 16, 2014
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A free digital painting/photo editing program, GIMP is both fabulous and easy to use. Tutorial requested by Charmanderswagg, who just recently joined us awshum GIMP users B)

how to draw with gimp

How to Draw with GIMP

how to draw with gimp step 1


Well, first of all, here's my GIMP setup. This program is really awesome especially because you can customize the layout. To open all the necessary panels I have here, go to Windows>Dockable Dialogs and select: Layers, color, tools, and tool options. Then when you've got it set up how you like, go to File>New.. to create a blank canvas.
how to draw with gimp step 2


Create a transparent layer before you start drawing ^.^
how to draw with gimp step 3


Here's my pencil tool set up for sketching stuff. Keep in mind that the "brush dynamics" are important to play around with until you have them the way that suits you best. The "pressure" option is only for tablet users, sorry! :(
how to draw with gimp step 4


On your transparent layer, sketch out your drawing. And also, here's my eraser tool setup :D
how to draw with gimp step 5


turn the sketch opacity down.
how to draw with gimp step 6


Now, you can lineart two ways. First, make a new layer. Then you can use a paintbrush to outline your sketch...
how to draw with gimp step 7


Or you can use the paths tool, which has hearts around it because I love it very much.
how to draw with gimp step 8


So, to use the paths tool is pretty simple. Tap/click to create a line, tap and drag to create a curve. You can use the diamond thingies on the sides on each dot to adjust the curve.
how to draw with gimp step 9


Once you have all your lines set, click "stroke path" and set the width of your lines. (I chose 10 pixels :D)
how to draw with gimp step 10

STEP 10.

Once you have your lines, don't stop there! :O Fix any little errors you might find with the paintbrush and eraser. I circled where I edited the lines.
how to draw with gimp step 11

STEP 11.

Now click the eyeball on the sketch layer to turn that layer off :D
how to draw with gimp step 12

STEP 12.

Now, using the magic wand tool, select the areas that will be skin colored. Then create a new layer underneath the lineart layer and use the bucket to fill it in.
how to draw with gimp step 13

STEP 13.

Press ctrl+shift+a to deselect everything, color in any uncolored areas, and lock the layer to shade.
how to draw with gimp step 14

STEP 14.

Do the same stuff for the hair and eyes, giving each a new layer. You can color the hair however you want, but this way looks nice usually ^.^
how to draw with gimp step 15

STEP 15.

Here's another way to draw stuff: PAINTING :D Start with a rough "lineart" on a new layer.
how to draw with gimp step 16

STEP 16.

On a new layer below, fill in all the "base colors".
how to draw with gimp step 17

STEP 17.

Merge the lineart into the base layers in Layers>merge down OR Right-click layer and select merge down
how to draw with gimp step 18

STEP 18.

Starting with the skin, shade and lighten stuff with a low opacity. Remember, here THE COLOR PICKER IS YOUR FRIEND. You can switch between the paintbrush and color picker each time, or press ctrl and click on the color you want.
how to draw with gimp step 19

STEP 19.

do that for everything else, working your way from the "bottom" (what would be the lowest layer if you were using layers) to the "top" (what would be the top layer). I do believe I broke GIMP, because suddenly a random line appeared. D:
how to draw with gimp step 20

STEP 20.

:O OH NOSE! You "accidentally" scribbled all over your drawing! First-time digital artists might not realize that just because you can't find an undo button doesn't mean that there isn't one. Some keyboard shortcuts that you will NEED to know: Undo: ctrl+Z Redo: ctrl+Y Zoom in: + Zoom out: - Color picker: ctrl + (click) New: ctrl+n SAVE!!!!: ctrl+s
how to draw with gimp step 21

STEP 21.

Okay, highlights. And done! :D