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Uploaded: February 16, 2014
Artist: Demonwolf_faerie
Difficulty: Novice  Novice Skill Level
Steps: 11
Updated: February 16, 2014
P.O.V: Front
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Artist comments

I got a request for a tutorial on chibi eyes. So..... here it is. There's really not much to drawing chibi eyes, so if someone wants a tut on the entire chibi lemme know XD

how to draw chibi eyes

How to Draw Chibi Eyes

how to draw chibi eyes step 1


I should probably start with pointing out some different types of chibi :D #1 I would compare to a powerpuff girl. It's head takes up about half of it's entire height, and it's eyes are pretty big. There's hardly any details, the hands and feet are basically just blobs. Then we have #2, which is how I like to chibi usually. This one has a head taking up about 1/3 of it's height, and it's a little more detailed; the feet have a bit of shape to them, and you can kinda see little bumps at the ends of the arms to represent hands. Notice that the eyes aren't quite as ridiculously large. #3 can be best described as a regular anime character that got squished. I would consider this more of a 6-year-old version of your character, rather than an actual chibi, but that's just me.
how to draw chibi eyes step 2


Now, let's take about eye shapes! Since I just drew this a couple minutes ago, this'll be our example of eye shape. Observe the shape of the eye, please. ^.^
how to draw chibi eyes step 3


Now basically, if we wanted to turn this into a chibi eye, we'd make it taller, and overall larger. If you're drawing digitally, the easiest way to do this is to simply use the transform/scale tool.
how to draw chibi eyes step 4


So with the eyeball stretched into a taller eyeball, we now have our chibi! :D
how to draw chibi eyes step 5


Well, now let's draw an eyeball! Start with the upper lashes shape.
how to draw chibi eyes step 6


Now for the... iris.... thing. Make it largeish.
how to draw chibi eyes step 7


Pupil and some shineees! :D
how to draw chibi eyes step 8


Base color!
how to draw chibi eyes step 9


Darken the top, and if you can lighten the bottom.
how to draw chibi eyes step 10

STEP 10.

Now you can add whatever it is you want. Darken the top more, color in the pupil, add little stars and heart sparklies, or anything else that might look good! I really didn't do much, I just added a couple lines XD
how to draw chibi eyes step 11

STEP 11.

And here's a chibi to make you happy. Have fun drawing!