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Uploaded: January 3, 2014
Artist: Demonwolf_faerie
Difficulty: Novice  Novice Skill Level
Steps: 19
Updated: January 3, 2014
P.O.V: Multiple
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Artist comments

I made a pony tutorial. It's more how I draw ponies than the "official" MLP style, but I find they're pretty similar anyway. This should get you on your way to creating your own ponies, hopefully on your own unique style. Can't wait to see what you draw! If you like, leave a link to your finished ponies in the comments for everyone to enjoy! Lastly, I recommend using this game to help with character designs if you're stuck: http://demonwolf-faerie.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Creator-v3-397808116

how to draw ponies

How to Draw Ponies

how to draw ponies step 1


THE PARTS OF A PONY. Make sure your pony has a cutie mark!!!! Even if it's a young pony who hasn't discovered his/her special talents, it should still be kept in mind that there's a specific something that makes this pony unique.
how to draw ponies step 2


Head shapes. (1) is reserved for babies, whereas (2) should be mainly used for young ponies and most females. (3) Is for a more mature female pony (princess) or a feminine/younger male. (4) Should be primarily used for an adult male, and the same goes for (5).
how to draw ponies step 3


The body frame of a generic pony. Sorry if it's scary. Pay attention to the number of joints (circle things) and their positions on the body. Pay attention to where the ears start; right from where the neck meets the head. Also, if any of you are complete horse nerds like me, you'll know that in a horse's natural gait, the front leg aligns with the opposite back leg. Ex., if the pony is leading with it's front left hoof, then it's back right hoof will also be forward. They aren't always exactly like this, unless your pony is a robot, but it applies to most poses/actions.
how to draw ponies step 4


Body types to go with those heads from before. This is still really generic, try to use this more as suggestions for what your ponies' bodies could look like.
how to draw ponies step 5


The blue is where the hair grows. I'll have these blue marks on a couple poses on the next few steps, so if hair is your biggest problem pay attention ^^
how to draw ponies step 6


So.... here are some different angles of a pony. They're not the most beautiful sketches, I'll admit, but I'm pretty sure you can still figure out what they mean, right?
how to draw ponies step 7


Oh, my.... the up view has a total derp face.... oh, well! XD
how to draw ponies step 8


Wings and such! so with both wings and horns, you should probably reserve the largest for the largest ponies. Princesses tend to have bigger wings and horns than other ponies.
how to draw ponies step 9


Possible patterns for your ponies! Again, the possibilities are endless, this is really only some ideas.
how to draw ponies step 10

STEP 10.

FINALLY!!! We're going to start drawing our random pony thing from the top!! Start out with these happy little guidelines ^^
how to draw ponies step 11

STEP 11.

Sketch out the body.
how to draw ponies step 12

STEP 12.

Adding hair of randomness.
how to draw ponies step 13

STEP 13.

If you're doing a black and white pencil sketch, finalize by adding your customization and a creative cutie mark. As in NOT THIS ONE. If you're not, however, keep these designs in mind, but save them for the coloring. Make sure you have a lighter sketch before finalizing, just in case you want to change something.
how to draw ponies step 14

STEP 14.

YAY!!!! I bet you all thought I forgot about my dear friend SAI, huh? For the lineart, I find it useful to use an actual lineart layer so I can edit the lines. To create a lineart layer, for you fantabulous SAI people out there, go the the picture by the new layer button that looks like the icon thing above.
how to draw ponies step 15

STEP 15.

Well, it seems I lost the picture for this step, so... Finish your lineart and pick your base colors.
how to draw ponies step 16

STEP 16.

Prettyify it now. Add the cutie mark here, or earlier or later, it doesn't really matter...
how to draw ponies step 17

STEP 17.

CUTIE MARK. Don't forget it!!
how to draw ponies step 18

STEP 18.

OPTIONAL: technically, true MLPs have colored lineart. whether your pony does or not is up to you, though.
how to draw ponies step 19

STEP 19.

A background would be nice. I'm running out of steps, so I guess this is the end XD have fun drawing!