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Uploaded: November 2, 2013
Artist: Demonwolf_faerie
Difficulty: Novice  Novice Skill Level
Steps: 10
Updated: November 2, 2013
P.O.V: 3/4
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Artist comments

It's a way to color hair, not THE way to color hair. I used SAI, but you could easily translate these steps to any other drawing program and less easily but still possibly to real drawings. It's my first time drawing in my messy style for a while, was so much fun to make this! ^^ feel free to steal these styles for you character, I don't need em XD

how to color hair

How to Color Hair

how to color hair step 1


start with heads, which I suppose it obvious. you can take this image and use it as a template if you're too lazy to draw your own heads--we've all been there XD
how to color hair step 2


so here I drew four examples of hair-- blobby/spiky short, smoother short, blobby long, and smooth long. You'll notice that drawing different styles of hair will make your result very different. I'm here to show you how to COLOR these, not draw them, so don't complain that they're not perfect, they're just supposed to be examples.
how to color hair step 3


add the base color. If this was meant to be neat, it would be wise to first use a smoother lineart, then fill the hair area exactly and use the opacity lock on the hair layer.
how to color hair step 4


sort of use a really dark color at very low opacity to sketch in where separate locks of hair might go. your hair might not even look like hair at this point, don't try to change it if it doesn't. DO NOT OVERCOMPLICATE THIS. if you're character has a very plain hairstyle, THAT IS FINE. but don't try to make it into an intricately woven blob of hair, it will end up REALLY UGLY and the flow of the hair won't make any sense.
how to color hair step 5


if you have a brush with bristles or something that looks like hair, use that. (I used fine round 1 in SAI)using an even darker color at the same opacity, outline the hair lock thingies even darker and darken the ends, leaving a lighter space around the middle for the shiny.
how to color hair step 6


if you're drawing digitally, open a new layer and change to luminescence. if you're not, use a really light colored gel pen or something. either way, draw some little marks for shinees in the lighter parts of the hair. If you're using a gel pen, make sure it dries before continuing.
how to color hair step 7


add another luminescent layer. with the pen tool at 100 opacity (or your gel pen getting as much ink out as possible) make little lines through the middles of all the shinee marks we make earlier. if drawing digitally, YOU HAVE TO USE A SEPARATE LAYER!!! I know some of you are like me and hate using lots of layers, but YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NEED TO KEEP THESE TWO SHINE LAYERS SEPARATE!!! you will see why in a little bit :) and if you're using your gel pen, let it dry competely before doing the next step.
how to color hair step 8


Use the water tool (or any brush that blends, including the blend brush) to smear the second shines over the first so that you can hardly tell there was ever a line there. NOW see why I said use a separate layer?
how to color hair step 9


in case you're starting to think that last line didn't really do anything, here's proof it did.
how to color hair step 10

STEP 10.

and so here's that hair coloring method applied! hope this helped, and have fun drawing!! XD