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Uploaded: October 7, 2013
Artist: Demonwolf_faerie
Difficulty: Novice  Novice Skill Level
Steps: 16
Updated: October 7, 2013
P.O.V: Front
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Artist comments

I don't know why. I started drawing this a couple days ago and felt like taking a bunch of pictures along the way, sooo.... that's about it. these are technically my ocs Peter and Eleri, but you don't need to know that. Feel free to change your drawing as much as you want, don't feel like you have to stick with my scene exactly ^^

how to draw a couple

How to Draw a Couple

how to draw a couple step 1


so here are my guidelines, hope they're okay to follow ^^;...... please spend a couple minutes looking at this to make sure you don't miss something for the next step.
how to draw a couple step 2


changed the background color to see things easier, and pretty much sketched out his whole body, soo... some of it's gonna be hidden by the girl, so if you're weird like I am you might wanna erase those parts right away or you'll go crazy X3
how to draw a couple step 3


pretty much just draw in the face. when drawing the ear, I usually start from the jaw and work my way up so it's sort of positioned right from the start... but that's up to you, I guess.
how to draw a couple step 4


sketching in the clothes, worry about the details later. Gave him fingerless gloves, I call them hobo gloves.... he's not a hobo, though, not sure why he's wearing that O_O... maybe he can be a hobo when you're drawing him. Actually, if someone would do that and show me, I'd love them forever =^.^= I apologize for the poor workmanship on the hood.
how to draw a couple step 5


now would be a good time to erase all the extra marks. haha, he's still bald.....
how to draw a couple step 6


NOW worry about the details. I inda did some of them earlier, but I re-drew them for you to see, so it's all good ^^ STRIPES ON THE HOBO GLOVES!!!
how to draw a couple step 7


he's not a baldy anymore. Try to make the hair real fluffy-like, for no reason in particular... I just like the way it looks when it's fluffy.
how to draw a couple step 8


So that's it for him. Changed the color to grey cuz we'll be drawing over him in a bit.
how to draw a couple step 9


Changed the color of our guidelines,cuz I'm awesome like that. sketched out her body, please notice I changed the position of the arm by a lot, and then colored over it.... a lot.
how to draw a couple step 10

STEP 10.

Face. Another last minute change, the jaw moved forward a bit with the ear.
how to draw a couple step 11

STEP 11.

clothes. She's wearing the same style shoes as him, because I'm unoriginal. A girl's sweatshirt is usually a bit more... how do I put it?... snug that a boy's. I'm not sure why, it's just how clothing companies seem to do things. Again with the hood.... -_- they look alright when I take my time, usually, but I'm rushing right now.
how to draw a couple step 12

STEP 12.

Erased some of the extras like before, details.
how to draw a couple step 13

STEP 13.

Hair, only this time pay attention to the arrows please ^^ it's a lot flowy-er. And the nose thing, cuz I forgot about that earlier ^^;
how to draw a couple step 14

STEP 14.

So, that's about it...
how to draw a couple step 15

STEP 15.

I colored on this after I took the screenshot, I don't really know why... so here's your final, go color it!!! (or not, if you're leaving it black and white...)
how to draw a couple step 16

STEP 16.

This is my finished work, all colored and prettyfied. A note on the stars, I drew one really big star and made it perfect, then shrunk it and copy-and-pasted XD hope this helped!!