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Uploaded: September 14, 2013
Artist: Demonwolf_faerie
Difficulty: Novice  Novice Skill Level
Steps: 11
Updated: September 15, 2013
P.O.V: Na
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Artist comments

Is there anyone out there who agrees that Peter is a cute name? I just love that name, don't really know why... anywhoosles, this was requested by charmanderswagg (i think... ^^;) and I wasn't really sure how in-depth she wanted it, so this is pretty much what happened... sooooo..... i like the end result, actually, but i don't really like how this turned out :( I just can't teach people, my drawing style is too confusing and when i try to simplify it, like here, it just gets worse XD good luck

how to draw boys

How to Draw Boys

how to draw boys step 1


lexi: like this? Peter: do I wanna ask? -_-'
how to draw boys step 2


a couple random poses to give you a few ideas, hopefully ^^; each was a 30 second sketch, don't criticize. had lexi and peter pose for me, its a little hard to see peter's body with the big sweatshirt on, though, so I'll have him take it off later ^^ peter: uh, no. -_-# one more thing, I don't think pose #3 will turn out very well....
how to draw boys step 3


got a little carried away and drew the faces in already ^^; forgot this was supposed to be a tut for a second, i guess. so just draw this, this thing right here, whatever it is XD
how to draw boys step 4


got carried away again here, actually did that throughout the whole tut. so you're pretty much drawing the whole body of the first guy, we'll clothe him in a bit ^^
how to draw boys step 5


other guy's body. notice how I'm not really spending a lot of time on details, just roughing out where their limbs and such should be. since I'm putting clothes over them, I don't have to be really specific just yet. ^^
how to draw boys step 6


went over their faces, made a few changes, added hairs and stuff..... you know, the usual...
how to draw boys step 7


drew in the one guy's clothes, put little heart on his sneakers =^.^= lol if you notices I haven't drawn his hand yet, good for you.
how to draw boys step 8


other guy, pretty much. If you haven't picked up on it, I've been making a bunch of slight adjustments to this drawing, kinda just how I draw... so if this is bothering you, find a better tut right.... NOW!
how to draw boys step 9


so this is it, I guess..... um... yup.
how to draw boys step 10

STEP 10.

i cropped and colored, but you can do whatever X3
how to draw boys step 11

STEP 11.

BONUS!!!! XD you can actually use pose #3, for those of you who already forgot it go back to step 2. thanks for reading all this! ^^ yer all awshums! and another two-minute sketch, don't judge.