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Uploaded: August 16, 2013
Artist: Demonwolf_faerie
Difficulty: Novice  Novice Skill Level
Steps: 5
Updated: August 16, 2013
P.O.V: Front
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Artist comments

very exciting, i know. -_- but really, when you're drawing a background, any tips can be helpful, and that's what I'm here for. Also, I do realize that dawn already has a grass drawing tut (cuz she's drawn pretty much everything....) but i thought this one would be simpler, and i really really wanted to make a tut so here it is =3 one more thing, i know this is categorized as flowers for kids, but that was as close to grass as i could find

how to draw grass

how to draw grass

how to draw grass step 1


okay! Imma show you some stuff about grass now!!So as this picture displays, when drawing grass blades, remember that they get longer as they get closer. I exaggerated in the pic, but you get the point. I gave you a few color ideas, but a warning: the brightest green and the brownest brown are pretty exaggerated as well, and you probably won't want to use them unless you're drawing grass in an unrealistic cartoon or trying to stress the importance of the color (I know how much you care about grass lol)
how to draw grass step 2


so here are three steps: the first is pick your color, simple enough. next is to draw some lines (remember, the ones along the ground are for reference, i suggest you don't actually draw them)Step 3 is optional.
how to draw grass step 3


i drew a box, you don't really need a box... anywhoosles, fill your grassy area with grass lines,and don't worry if you leave some white space, we'll deal with that later. Also, remeber that the grass that's closer to us appears a bit longer (not a lot)
how to draw grass step 4


okay, now this might be a little hard for some of you. I drew this using SAI, and I'll explain how I did it with SAI and how you can do it with pencil. In SAI, I used the airbrush turned down to around 20% density, using the same color. In PENCIL, hold the pencil on its side and very lightly color over the grass blades. It might be a little tricky to color it all evenly, but don't freak out if it doesn't turn out incredibly perfect your first time.
how to draw grass step 5


finish the rest of your background. For mine I just picked a light blue and filled it in with the airbrush, but please get more creative with it than i did. Finally, step 7 is to show it off. Imma show off a pic I drew earlier that had absolutely nothing to do with grass, but sort of had some grass in it.... go to this when you're done commenting and favoriting (because who doesn't love a good grass tut?): http://www.dragoart.com/art/77177/1/1/blue.htm thanks for reading this and have fun drawing grass!!! (as much fun as you can have, anyway...)