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Uploaded: January 2, 2008
Artist: Dawn
Difficulty: Novice  Novice Skill Level
Steps: 9
Updated: January 2, 2008
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Artist comments

I decided to make a tutorial today on how to draw a Troll. As with the Orcs I think Trolls are just as fugly and gross. Trolls look like they smell worst though. Did you know that these beasts were once beautiful elves?! Yeah, its kinda surprising when I found this out. Trolls and orcs star in this cool online game called World of Warcraft. I love playing this game. Tons of fun. The creature I drew was an inspiration of the World of Warcraft game. The hair kinda reminds me of my grandma. Again I sketched out this drawing on a pad first then scanned it into my computer. As always I used Photoshop to make this tutorial. I kinda wanted to base this Troll on the movie Legend that was the first movie I saw that made me fall in love with these crazy creatures. Anyway have fun learning from this tutorial and give me some feed back.

how to draw a troll

How to Draw a Troll

how to draw a troll step 1


Begin with an oval and a small triangular shape at the bottom of the circle. This will be the large chin of the troll and the base of the head.
how to draw a troll step 2


Draw the long pointed nose and a wide spread mouth. Draw the lips nice and large. This must be realistic for the troll's disgusting teeth.
how to draw a troll step 3


Draw a slit for the eye and shape out the chin a little better. Trolls have witch like noses and pointed chins. If you play World of Warcraft, you would know.
how to draw a troll step 4


Draw sharp, but bare teeth. Make some of the teeth seem humanoid. Trolls are human/elf. Draw another slit underneath the line for wrinkles. A large fold of skin around the troll's mouth would do fine too. This makes it seem that the teeth are large and distorted. This creates excellent realism.
how to draw a troll step 5


Draw the eyebrow nice and gruff. Add a nostril and a slight outline of the forehead. Like all males, they have an Adam's apple. Make this large though, since the beast has a cackly massive screech.
how to draw a troll step 6


Draw some moles and a animal like ear. This gives a feel that the troll was once a beautiful elf but transformed into this gross beast. Some worts and marks plopped off the nose and chin would make him seem even worse!
how to draw a troll step 7


Draw a long curved mow hawk type of shape. The spiky hair will be sketched out inside of this shape.
how to draw a troll step 8


Start fleshing out the hair. Make the hair spiky and rough. This will give the troll a more displeasing look. Add an earing to its ear too.
how to draw a troll step 9


This should what your lineart should look like. If you followed my step by step instructions, you must come out with this! Lol, the image wasn't inked, so it looks a little sloppy. A hint when drawing, always ink your lineart so it doesn't look so sketchy. Well, I hope this tutorial helped out. Have fun drawing trolls!