21, Female
United Kingdom
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My name is Linda, also known as Ruby. I live in London ( which has the most miserable weathers ) with my parents and my annoying big “ Wise” brother. I'm a nintendo nerd :} who loves to draw any style of art. I love fashion aswell as with games such as Assassin's Creed, Zelda and Kingdom Hearts ( Axel ... <3 i just love that guy.. >:3 ) I'm crazy about OnePiece and FairyTail.. ( Manga/Anime ) Gomenasai. I probably will say that a lot :') Oh and my Husband. Have I mentioned? No? Yeah, Law... Trafaglar Law.. ( In OnePiece ) <3 Hes my forever Death Surgent :D<3 *Ahem* There's nothing interesting about me, so no need to read about me~ C: **************************************************************************** heeyy peeps! I and Links_Triforce are making a group The Tribal Gryphons :3 Please do join. The members so far; StephanieCardona, Ezio_Auditore, Urish, Gamerman011, RosalinaX, Pencilguy, Emo_Scene_Kid, kawthar, Theodora, WhiteDarkness, DragonRider, Red
Tools of the trade
I use H,B,2B,4B,6B,HB And my unique barbie pencil with an earser <3 xx ---> And now Colors 3D :P ( on the 3DS ) ANDDDDDD I EAT DOUGHNUTY-PIES TO GET MY MIND GOING! :D Or.. I just think about Rogue.. My Lovely Shadow man :3 Or My Husband; Trafalgar Law <3 <3
I have quite alot of hobbies but my favourite are just hanging out with my friends and family, Doodling on my school books, playing on my 3DS and drawing on it :P,drawing, going onto DragoArt, cycling, going to the counrty side ( Nature fan :D ), stalking, ~ I LOVE TO EAT DOUGHNUTYPIES!!!! ( A special combo made up by me and Links_Triforce )
Favourite books
Not into books as much, but i do love Holly Webbs books, and Manga books. Pfft to be honest Movies are better :)
Favourite movies
Any type of movies that has horror with blood >:) , comedy and romance... i love romantic films.. Shh. Don't tell no-one c: I LOVE FairyTail, OnePiece, DeathNote, and many more Animes/Mangas xD..
Favourite music
Don't listen to music as much, but I do listen to OnePiece, Naruto, & FairyTail OSTs :D~ Rogue-Sama~~! Law-Sama~~! Hehe, sorry :3
AC-DOUGHNUTY-PIES.COM Pfft no not really XD it would've been that xxx
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