20, Female
New Zealand
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Annick LeLagadec Child Of God. 3 Near Death expiriences Lover of: Art, Music, Fantasy, Nature. Fears: Satan, Snakes, Spirits. Belives: 'Imagination is more important than knowledge'~ Albert Einstien Wishes: My life wasnt so screwed up. Label: Emo/Artist/Rebel Trying: To see the better in life. Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green. Animals: Wolf, Orca, Stingray, Eagle. Feel free to add me. :D keen readers these are the links to my books in the black ice blue blood series: ((((1st book:)))) ((((2nd book:)))) ((((3rd Book:)))) ((((4th Book:)))) Im working on the fith book, so wait paitently people! :)
Tools of the trade
pencil, eraser, stabilo piont 88/40, Faber Castle color pencils, Genius graphic writing tablet.
Role Playing Creative Writing Art Music Sleep Chilling with buds Surfing Cosplaying
Favourite books
The bible :3 City of Bones City of Ashes The Reckoning The Summoning The Awakening Morobito The Circle Of Dreams: Runeweaver Timeweaver Starweaver The Twilight saga Harry Potter series
Favourite movies
Twiglight saga, Pirates of the Carribean 1-4, InkHeart, Harry Potter 1-5, Hachi, Spirit, Lion king 1&2 XD, Woochi, The chronicles of Narnia , the bee movie, How to train a dragon, Over her dead body., The golden compass, Despicable me, xRavenWingx's flip notes XD, Rango, {Tv Shows:}Csi, Sea patrol, Castle, Wipeout, Missing pieces, animal rescue, House
Favourite music
Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Vampires Everywhere!, Hollywood Undead
You're the sky that I fell through And I remember the view Whenever I'm holding you
The sun hung from a string Looking down on the world As it warms over everything
Chills run down my spine As our fingers entwine And your sighs harmonize with mine
Unmistakably I can still feel your heart beat fast When you dance with me
We got older and I should've known (Do you feel alive?) That I feel colder when I walk alone (Oh, but you'll survive) So I may as well ditch my dismay (Bombs away, bombs away)
Circle me and the needle Moves gracefully back and forth If my heart was a compass, you'd be north Risk it all 'Cause I'll catch you if you fall wherever you go If my heart was a house, you'd be home