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I might come off as shy, but I'm just content not to say anything, espcially at home, but I'll speak when I think its necessary of course. Honestly my life is really boring so I like to sit back and watch the world as if its a long movie and my family as if their a reality show (its great to do if you dont have cable and if you're bored). I don't blab about random things and I logically think about what I'm gonna say before I say it, that helps me stay out of trouble and seems like one of the top reasons why grown-ups and other older people enjoy my company and also why I come off as a really mature teen... but in my mind I'm a nut case. I guess what they say is true, quiet people do have the loudest minds.
Tools of the trade
My favorite tool lately is the classic thin sharpie pen. I just adore it. I also love to use gel pens, charcoal pencils, & prisma coloring pencils (and sometimes crayola coloring pencils).
I think joining this site gives it away, dosen't it? If not well my hobbie is art. I mainly love illustration but I can apperciate all art whether it may be painting, sculpting, or anything! I'm for it!
Favourite books
I mostly enjoy reading all the Dear America books. I find them very enjoyable and fun to read. Its kind of like having a older sibling you never had and stole their diary and you're learning how they think and what goes on in their mind, it dosen't get more personal than that.
Favourite movies
I love watching movies and television shows. Its like the next best thing to reading. You get to live other peoples lives for 60 minutes or more and I love it (if its a happy movie that is). I cant think of any movies off the top of my head, I watch so many.
Favourite music
I mostly enjoy listening to Ed Sheeran. God, hes amazing. I love every song. Each one is so deep and so, well, amazing. His accent gets me everytime.
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