16, Female
United States
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Heyyyyyyyyy. I am a random person. I tend to be very random at some point. I love music and art. Music is like my passion, but drawing is to. Hey I am probably listening to music right now at this very moment who knows oh yeah I do XD. I do some sports. Basically I run. no not away. I run in cross country (which is not skiing, although I have been skiing once but not for a sport) and track. I like school, for some of the classes but basically to see my friends and my morning classes those rock. I basically have study hall, band and art in the morning which is awesome. In band I play the flute and I am trying to learn piano and guitar. It's kind-of hard though when I am learning them by myself no teacher. I tend to get off topic or am busy. I also like to sing, singing for me gets out my emotions like many other things I do does. I like fantasy. I think fantasy is really cool and you can do so many things with it. My favorite fantasy creature would have to be a phoenix. They are just so cool. One of the r
Tools of the trade
I use a pencil and a line piece of paper or a blank one. Although I am finding new things to use. so that's always fun
I love to sing, dance, run, drawing , reading, play flute, learn new things, and creating new things
Favourite books
I love the Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus. I also like the Harry Potter series. Another few books I like are called The replacement and the space between by Brenna Yovanoff. I have a series I was reading called the Chronicles of Nick I need the third book now. I also like the Mortal Instruments. I also like fairy tale. I am one of those people who like fantasy. Yes I like fairy tales they bring hope and happiness which everyone needs. My favorite fairy tale is Peter Pan. Oh and also I like Cirque Du Freak i think it's so awesome.
Favourite movies
Frozen, Rise of the guardians, The mortal instruments, peter pan, Labyrinth, guardians of the galaxy, big hero six, box trolls, pitch perfect, hunger games, harry potter, the spiderman movies, and others.
Favourite music
I like all kinds of music. I love to listen to music when I draw. I helps me think. I listen to stuff like sleeping with sirens, falling in reverse. Also one of my favorite bands is the cab they are pretty good. I like their song angel with a shotgun and lock me up. I listen to pop, country, some rap, one band that's heavy metal, and some hip hop. basically all kinds bt not classical sorry but that just will put me to sleep.
Nope sorry I am not that cool XD
Yes, I do have one, but in order to get it I have to trust you.
Might have one one day maybe
Can you own a part of space? XD
I might have one, I might not who knows.
tweet tweet. Nope I like dragoart better.