15, Female
United States
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I love to draw. I try to draw a lot. I also love to sing and dance. I love music to. It helps me focus when I'm drawing because I get more ideas. My favorite color is pink. I 1 brother. I love to sing and dance and anything musical. I play the flute in my school band. :) I do play sports I was on the cross country team, cheering squad, basketball team, track team, and a softball team. My favorite animals are dogs, cats, and monkeys. My favorite color is pink. Technically I like all colors so. I can be random at times. My favorite saying I don't know if it's actually a real saying but it's live life to the fullest and listen to music. As you can tell I am a very musical person. That just the way I am. I'm a fun person who loves to draw, listen to music and talk with friends. XD
Tools of the trade
I use a pencil and a line piece of paper or a blank one.
I love to sing, dance, run, draw, read, play flute, learn new things, and creating new things
Favourite books
I love the Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus. I also like the Harry Potter series. Another few books I like are called The replacement and the space between by Brenna Yovanoff. I have a series I was reading called the chronicles of nick I need the third book now.
Favourite movies
Frozen, Rise of the guardians, The mortal instruments, peter pan, Labyrinth and guardians of the galaxy
Favourite music
I like all kinds of music. I love to listen to music when I draw. I helps me think. I listen to stuff like sleeping with sirens, falling in reverse, I listen to pop, country, some rap, one band that's heavy metal, and some hip hop.
Don't have one
I have one but only certain people can know.
Don't have one
Don't have one
I might have one, I might not
Don't have one