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I like drawing, reading, and writing. I love to read short scary stories... I write mystery stories too. They aren't professional or anything, but I think they are good. They usually involve someone dying... Haha I has a weird mind. Bloop. And I'm a proud member of the SLASH GASH TERROR CREW!!!!!! Ummm.. dont mess with me or my friends or i will destroy you.... ummm... OH AND IM REALLY RANDOM I ALSO TALK ALOT AND I FALL ALOT *falls down an rolls on floor* THEY SEE ME ROLLIN, THEY HATIN, Lol feel like I needed to put tht.... Also I am taking requests, just leave a comment on my page if ya want something :D...WELL THTS IT SO BAI! ^-^
Tools of the trade
The internet >:D
Drawing, Reading, Writing, Being on the computer, watchin anime :D and reading manga too ^^ NEVER MIX UP TEH ANIME AND MANGA CAUSE THT PEEVES ME OFF D:<
Favourite books
Series- Maximum Ride, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Series of Unfortunate Events, and a lot more I can't think of right mow! Regular Books(Not from series)- Coraline, Anything from Kate DeCamillio, I also love Mary Higgins Clark my fave book from her is Two Little Girls In Blue, I LOVE STEPHAN KING!! and about 1,000 more! :D
Favourite movies
The Hunger Games, The grudge, Wreck-it-Ralph, World War Z, Hotel Transivaniya, Series of Unfortunate Events, Coraline, All of the Harry Potter movies, And all Chucky movies :3 OH AND NON-MOVIES, Under The Dome, Invader Zim, Family Guy (BRIANNNN) Adventure Time, Regular Show,ummmmmmmm...... OH! Fantasy Factory, South Park and more. And Animes. Love those too.
Favourite music
I love all music but my fave bands are BOTDF(best ever!), Three Days Grace(I love them alot too) Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters & Men, The Script, The Fray, My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, OneRepublic, Sleeping With Sirens, Falling in Reverse, all Vocaloid ppl (Miku, Rin and Len, Gumi, ect :3) and AWOLNATION.
Why would I need 1?
Ask me :3
I JUST MADE ONE OF THESE :D there ya go ^^
Look up Kaycee Bailey, yah now click. Thats me. :D