25, Female
United States
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I like to skateboard, play basketball , read books, draw, and have fun :Di like being with my friends especially my best friends I love my bestie's sooo much XD if you ever need someone to talk to i'm always here for you..errrm I also can play piano I can play bella's lullaby, mad world, apologize, and and loseing you.I love being outside when it's full moon and I love being outside just in general haha:D um i'm really nice and friendly I love most people I meet i'm a little shy at first but last only like 4 seconds and i'm done haha I've gotten so much btter.I'm also and artist I like colors, chalk, pencil, and trying to do spray paint! :p well I think that's it for now biiee!!!XD....sorry I talk to much :(
Tools of the trade
I use pencil's,pens, eraser :p and chalk and I think I use some other stuff I just forgot haha but that's basically it:)
I work with my dad on the roof, I chip up tile, and I do a lot of other things on houses we buy and fix up and sell again haha (Real estate ) okay and I also like to dye my hair as in a few days i'm going to dye it teal light blue with a little back under my bangs :D and i'm active I love running an being outside I love being by my friends!:D...although I am a bit of a loner sometimes, but it's okay cuz I like it. There's nothing like zoning out with your ipod and skateboarding your heart out:p..everyone needs their alone time an space^.^
Favourite books
The hunger games ,the power of nine I think it's called:p and I like Vladimir Todd chronicles, annnnndddd oh yea! my dragon book series their pretty good :p I'm going to start reading Maximium Ride, and I read Percy Jackson book's all of them and thee Kane family interesting story line right there:)
Favourite movies
Book of Eli, the Italian job, Promeatheus, forever strong!!! I loveeee that movie, Olympus has fallen, Riddick, I like fame, In Time ..was okay, Young Guns, Tombstone, Open range the movie not the cartoon :p ....hmmm...I like criminal minds ( that's my future job ;D) and I like a ton of other movies that I can't think of right now hahah okay next thing
Favourite music
my bands I love is Dead by april, Bullet 4 My Valentine, Red Jump suit Aparatus , Sent By Ravens, Thousand Foot Krutch , Red, Lecrae, trip lee, Pro, Thi'sl, Flame, Linkin park, Skillet ,Memphis Mayfire, Skrillex, Nero(etc.) dub step bands , Richard Marx, Steelheart, Skid row, Ginny Black only one song though called Bones:p I love that song, and Rob Pattison hmmmm oh yea I like some country just a few songs and monsters of men. so as you can see I listen to a bunch of music haha and not just one style:p
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....does any body still even do twiitter???