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Hi! I like to draw, as you can kinda tell. I may not be the absolute best, but I'm not the worst. I'm trying to improve, so hang in there! I can be very random, weird, etc, so be prepared XD I can snap, so please don't get me mad, or anyone else I know. Besides that I'm pretty nice ^^. I must put this: I love pandas! I mean who doesn't love pandas!!!!!!!! PANDAS! I will also love to help out with anything, or just talk, so comment or IM me if that's what you feel like doing. I hope to join the United States military when I'm older, specifically the Marines or Navy Seals. It may be hard, but I'm not giving up! Anyway, there are a lot of good friends I have on here, but there are to many to name them (you know who you are ;) ) But there is one special person who deserves to be on here. Dragonmaster2000... Your the best ever :3 Anyway..... Um... I am gonna go now..... um..... *flies away on Chibi Slendy*
Tools of the trade
Um... pencils :3 I like to use mechanical pencils lol. Nothin special ^^ Oh and I use colored pencils, specifically Prisma Color :D Oh and occasionally markers ^^
Drawing, reading, bike riding, fishing, video games, sleeping, being lazy, sports, eating, and...... laziness XD Wait I said that already.... too lazy to erase it XD
Favourite books
Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Harry Potter Series, A Murder for Her Majesty, Percy Jackson Series, Pendragon, Legend, Prodigy, Haddix Books, Maximum Ride, Pathfinder, Enders Game, and a lot other a but I'm too lazy to name em ^^
Favourite movies
Flyboys, Red Tails, Band of Brothers series, Scream movies, Saw, many horror movies mostly, Hunger Games, Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Life of Pi, Forest Gump, Star Wars, Ghost, Pacific Rim, Goonies, Black Hawk Down, Hurt Locker, Battle Los Angeles, and a lot more
Favourite music
I like OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons. Some songs I like from Onerepublic are Secrets and especially Counting Stars. I also like Hoodie Allen, the Fray, 3 Days Grace, Matthew West, Tenth Avenue North, Tobymac, Phillip Phillips, Dave Matthews and many more,
Why would i want one of these? There are already way to many of these..
I'd give this to you if your a good friend and you ask for it.
Have it, buuuuut havent been on it in..... for a long time XD
*waves hands in air* This is my space. *spins* All this. I only share it with pandas :3
I'm pretty sure the correct term is facepalm. You should really turn autocorrect on.
Pandas don't go tweet, they go raaawr. Simple logic.