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how to draw a stallion, mustang stallion drawing tutorial
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MIKAFREAK AND MEMEBER OF THE BVB ARMY FOR ETERNITY!!!!!!!!! <3 God first. Lets get one thing strait; I am NOT a girly girl and never will be. I suck at art but I love it sooo much... soooo... I can only seem to draw half decent hands, terrible dresses and suckish wings... but that is just me. I am a face painter in progress... Waiting for clients... Just started making it into an actual little business after many people requestes I do parties for them but... it isnt working out so well........ I LOVE <3 horses and I love dragons, hippogriphs and those mystical shadow wolves that are, like misty and stuff............... Grade 8, 13; blonde hair blue eyes :3 . Enjoy science class, competing in public speaking competitions (debate, impromptu, solo and duet acting, inteperative reading), riding horses (reining for the win!!!), wanna be a large animal vet and own a nice ranch with horses *day dreamy face*. I speak english (no dur) and I am working hard on french (been doing it for 9 years now).
Tools of the trade
-> Artist Pencils (or normal ones (: ) -> Sharpie -> Acrylics -> Water Colour Pencil Crayons -> Pen (rarely) -> Pencil Crayons
Listening and writing music <3 Reining on Horses or just pleasure riding with my bestie <3 Drawing Singing Public Speaking Taking care of my animals Hanging out with friends EATING FOOD
Favourite books
Hunger Games Catching Fire !!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 WARM BODIES ....... FOR THE WIN!!!! <3 Kill Order Maze Runner Scorch Trials Death Cure <-- Terrible ending tho Maximum Ride Series HARRY POTTER
Favourite movies
Hunger Games (Cant wait until Catching Fire!!! <3 ) Pitch Perfect All the Harry Potters!!! <3 National Treasure 1 and 2 The Heartland TV series and Big Bang Theory
Favourite music
All Mika songs (Especially Heroes, Lola, Grace Kelly and Rain) Black Veil Brides (Love Nobody's Hero) Love the songs- -King for a Day -Radioactive -Indescribable (Chris Tomlin) -Try -Just Give Me A Reason -Stay -Sail -Let the Sparks Fly (by Thousand Foot Krutch <3)