1. Please dont cry Cam
2. Kidagesh
3. Why did you have to go
4. Sad demon
5. Jasper
6. Stein
7. Tsunayoshi Sawada
8. Zuko firebending
9. Corrosion
10. Snake and Dagger
11. Samantha Rivers
12. Zumi Patterson
13. Kidagesh
14. Loki
15. Girl with Fan
16. Rock Star
17. Clarissa
18. Army Girl
19. Space Age Dude
20. Satan
21. Silent Retribution
22. Dragon
23. Unicorn
24. Minato as a teacher
25. The Angel
26. Girl with gun 2
27. Family
28. Lost Love
29. Storm
30. Three girls
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18, Female
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Well about me now...not really much to say. Im a very friendly person and will be friends with anyone who asks. I'm also one of those people you can tell anything to and I will just listen and help. I take art requests so if you want something drawn just comment me and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, if you need anyone to talk to just drop me an IM. I am an admin of the chatrooms so if you need any help or need to ask something, you can pop in and say hi.
Tools of the trade
I mainly use my Intuos5 and Paint Tool Sai to create works. For traditional drawing I always use a 2H pencil for sketching then a range of F to 8B for shading.
Mainly Gaming (my steam user name is Lallie) and Drawing. I also like reading, writing and things relating to music.
Favourite books
I like most things. My favourite book genre is dark fantasy. Also like Thriller, Suspense and action. I dont like realistic stuff much and lovey dovey gooey romance *shudders* cant stand it. Too girly. My favourite book to date is 'The Rule of Knowledge' by Scott Baker, it is really good and I recommend it to everyone
Favourite movies
Dark fantasy again, horror, action with a tint of romace. Yeah I hate girly movies and the likes. Some of my favs are Marvel movies and The Hobbit Movies.
Favourite music
I like a lot of music. Classical, country, rock, I like a lot out there. Except for rap, never was into it