1. Umbreon and the Butterfly
2. Kitten Eating Chocolate
3. Dragon Love
4. Abstract
5. Paint Splatters
6. Heart Design
7. Lynx and Her Kitten
8. Dolphin
9. Lady Bug
10. Crying Wolf
11. Beautiful
12. Amy Lee
13. Songbird
14. Wolf Pups
15. Fox
16. Bird Final
17. Bird Rough Sketch
18. Chibi Snake
19. Chibi Katniss
20. Bird Design
21. Female Anime Eyes
22. Lynx
23. My Sister Drew This
24. White Stallion
25. Simba and Nala
26. Chibi Yumigami
27. Chibi Amaterasu
28. Hilda from Pokemon Black and White
29. Baby Rabbits
30. Baby Kangaroo
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United States
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I absolutely love drawing and it's so much more that a hobby to me. I hope to one day be either a tattoo artist, or a video game designer. I love anime and most things Japanese like dragons and shiba inus. I love all living things in the ocean, especially whales and sharks <3. I also really like mythology. I play a lot of video games >u< I love reading too! Kittycat54, Dizzy_Duckie, Shewolf8, and Bruzzyboo inspire my art the most. I am a leader Boatie, too. Feel free to IM me. :) ~I'm sorry to say that I'm not as active on here anymore unu. If you really want to see my newest art as it is made, I'm more active on my DeviantArt account: CelestialMelody24 Also, if you even bothered to read this, I take requests occassionally. Just ask!
Tools of the trade
I use Sakura Micron Pens, and I ocassionally use ball point pens as well. I also use Prismacolor Colored Pencils, and sometimes watercolors. Most of my art these days is done on the computer. I use a Monoprice Graphics Tablet, and I used to use Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, but I rarely use that these days. I now use ArtRage 3 Studio Pro and Paint Tool SAI.
Drawing, Writing (Yeah I write poetry and short stories too >u<), video games xD
Favourite books
The Hunger Games Trilogy, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and various manga >u<
Favourite movies
Spirited Away, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Howl's Moving Castle, Tales of Earthsea, and other Studio Ghibli films. I also like the Lion King haha >u< Along with movies like Hugo and Titanic.
Favourite music
Toooo many XP I listen to just about every genre, but I guess my absolute favorite is Maroon 5 or Halestorm <3
I have one but meows
I'm too boring LOL hisses