1. Girl staring out a window
2. winged bull
3. torn girl
4. Girl trapped in wildfire
5. Feeling the breeze
6. random girl
7. Tree of life (the lungs)
8. Short flicked hair
9. Side Ponytail
10. Shaymin
11. Wedding hair style
12. Mightyena
13. Avril Lavigne
14. Ritsuka Aoyagi
15. Eiri Yuki
16. Fairy sitting
17. Flowers
18. cute guy half dressed
19. london in ruins
20. Unicorn and owl in tree
21. Tiger laying down
22. Kei Takishima (special A)
23. Anime couple
24. Hikari (special A)
25. COCA COLA logo
26. Batman logo
27. NO FEAR logo
28. WWF
29. Emma Stone
30. skull on bookcase
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United Kingdom
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i have no idea what to write about myself apart from im georgia, i love most things and am completely awkward in social situation but if you want to im me ill reply.
Tools of the trade
i use graded pencils and colouring pens also a new set of manga art pens which I love using as well as computer art softwares with my tablet. i recently started using acrylic and watercolours too.
Drawing, reading, writing, listening to music.
Favourite books
i love most books and currently own over 1 thousand of them, i also love manga books or any kind of book really
Favourite movies
i love anime's like ouran highschool host club and deathnoteas well as naruto and lots of other stuff, and studio ghilbli's howls moving castle, whispers of the heart and wolf children, up on poppy hill etc. theres more trust me :)
Favourite music
love red jumpsuit apparatus, linkin park, mayday parade, asking Alexandra, black veil brides i am a big fan of evanescence but i like other music too and I love nightcored music these are only a couple of my favourite singers/ songs there isnt enough room to give my entire list.
i have one just ask on IM
i have one but im not advertising it here.