1. Moon wolf
2. Party Puppy
3. Party Ostriches
4. Party Elephant
5. Ice wolf
6. Dark Wolf
7. Earth wolf
8. Water wolf
9. Fire wolf
10. Light wolf
11. Gus the tyranosaurus rex
12. Dwight the baby dinosaur
13. My little pony
14. Nightrun, BBA
15. Swiftkill, The Blackblood Alliance
16. Luna wolf
17. Fred and George wolves
18. Dobby Wolf
19. Draco Malfoy Wolf
20. Ron Weasly Wolf
21. Hermione Granger Wolf
22. Harry Potter Wolf
23. Scar
24. Glacie the Ice Dragon
25. Aqua the Water Dragon
26. Terram the Earth Dragon
27. Zebra
28. Agent P
29. Phineas
30. Ferb
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United States
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Hey there my name is Hailey and I don't really do much, but for right now I am in high school and taking college animation classes. I still have lots to learn, but I enjoy doing it.
Tools of the trade
Bamboo Create tablet
I love art and animation, also animals, and I love food. Making it, serving it, and especially eating it. Ever tried cucumber detox water? it's amazing. Try it.
Favourite books
I love anything by Rick Riordan. I also like Harry Potter, Divergent, Legend, and LOTR.
Favourite movies
I love all Marvel movies, Captain America is my favorite! I also love almost everything Disney, (that is why I am taking the college animation class). I love comedies as well.
Favourite music
Really depends on my mood, but I will usually listen to movie soundtracks and underscores, or some calming kind of music.