1. psyche
2. Nyx chibi
3. allayna
4. pretty emeradls
5. pink fairy
6. clock work love
7. mermaid chibi
8. in love with carmel apple
9. chibi with head phones
10. dragon chibi
11. day of the dead chibi
12. chibi girl emo
13. chibi boy with stuffed kitty
14. chibi warrior
15. me ledgen style
16. reyana
17. aprodite
18. niall horan not finished
19. random art class project
20. the true emo princess forever and always
21. that girl
22. chibi me at a sleep over
23. assassin anime
24. marshllee anime
25. fionna anime style
26. fionna
27. chibi emo cat girl 2
28. emo chibi cat girl
29. sleepy boy chibi
30. scene boy or the true emo prince
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United States
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i started drawing when i was 6. i joined drago art 8-18,2012 im 14, im a brunet, hazle eyes, I post friends pics and shes a copy cat but she drew them not trcase them. Also im that girl in the background who noboady notices and when they do its when they need something im that girl with noboady to love cause every guy wants the flashy,popular, know it all girl... Im quite, a little funny, shy, Unpopular, and emo..... All I have to say is i have a boyfriend who dosent go here but he is amazing and i love him and i could care less wat ya think about meh! also if you ask me out just to let you know im a tomboy! i love boy games and i wear boy shirts so think twice before you ask! ^^ ANY ART REQUEST WILL BE GLADLY TAKEN!!
Tools of the trade
i draw with a pencile mechanicl, pens sometimes sharpies....i draw on papper. I color by hand not on a ds or app... I use color penciles i DISPISE crayons!
drawing playin shooter games... hatin some1 who goes here, oh talking to random people when im bored! Drawing on my hair, jeans,my friends hands, their jeans, my home work, my walls, papper when i have it, OK i love to draw on any thing i can!
Favourite books
hunger games, fallen, another fallen series, city of bones, excreta in that series, really a lot of fantasy books and DEATHNOTE!
Favourite movies
Halloween, just horrors now i think they are funny ^^ Im twisted arnt i?
Favourite music
Black Veil Brides, Metalica , Hollywood undead, hevy metal or screamo music or any music with good beats mainly screamo music
i forgot the password =$
shaiann g