1. Dragon
2. Chibi dino
3. Valentines day anime
4. Gumball Waterson
5. Golden retriever
6. Fiona
7. Kasane Teto
8. Lyra
9. Fluttershy Human
10. Princess Cadance
11. Manga Jungle Princess
12. Howleen
13. Zodiac Dragon Girl for contest
14. Congratulations frostgirl
15. Me as an Eevee for contest
16. Mr Macadamia the Squirrel
17. Black Rock Shooter Chibi
18. Anime Neko Girl
19. Chibi Rigby
20. Daughter of evil rin
21. Wolf Girl
22. Akita Neru
23. Hatsune Miku
24. Kasane Teto
25. Dogs and Cats always enemies
26. Anime Rapunzel
27. Cool Heart thingy
28. Chick
29. Anthro Dog
30. Anthro Maggie
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United States
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Hia! I'm owlnut23 (as you can see) I love to draw murderous alien kids and magical girls. Music is my life line and playing it is a hobby. Tumblr is a second home to me <333 I like to cosplay. Maybe I'll post pictures of my costumes here someday. I'm open for art trades and requests so just ask!
Tools of the trade
Strathmore drawing paper,number 2 pencils,Fantasia premium colored pencils,pigma manga pens, Copic sketch markers, and my iPad.
I draw, sing, read, and play bassoon.
Favourite books
Graphic novels,long chapter books,John Green Novels, The Wondla series by Jerry Spinellie,Adventure time comics,the Black Bird manga series, and HOMESTUCK!!!! HONK! :o) My favorite character is Gamzee Makara.
Favourite movies
Adventure Time is my absolute favorite show! I'm also WAYYYY into Steven Universe, Regular Show, Clarence,Gumball,The Walking Dead, and Heros of Cosplay! My new favorite movie of the moment has been How To Train Your Dragon 2 :D Hiccup's the bae <333333 Also I really love The Falt in Our Star, it was inspirational! I'm big into anime. I like Soul Eater, Ouran Highschool Hostclub, and Madoka Magica just to name a few ;3
Favourite music
Pop punk, K pop, Classical, Rock, Screamo/I like bands <333
Check me out on Instagram: the_kawaii_police
I have a Tumblr which is 100 times better than a MySpace: thequirkiestadventurer