1. Arianne Rivera Character Sheet
2. Hannah
3. Magik Practice
4. Commision WIP
5. oooooooooh snap
6. Eye practice
7. All alone in this broken down world
8. Pegasus
9. Bathed in Red
10. Clouds always give way to clear skies above
11. Jasper Jones
12. Methallor Von Drystan
13. We dont care cause we are in love
14. Death is calling
15. Corrosion at its best
16. MashallxFionna
17. Arriane
18. Realism Practice
19. Happy Birthday nat
20. Aura Borealis
21. Butterflies
22. Random Sketch
23. Storm Concept
24. Assassin
25. Girl
26. Om nom cookie
27. Humanized Sketchy
28. Improvement Meme
29. Falling from Grace
30. Darkness is Rising
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17, Female
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cETHTPeGvEc I want you to watch this...I want you to close your eyes and listen. I want you...to take this in and listen to the end. What do you feel? What is your emotion when you reach the end? For all those people out there...we care, we all care. Even if you dont realise it, you have people who care for you. ________________________________________________________ Well about me now...not really much to say. Im a very friendly person and will be friends with anyone who asks. I'm also one of those people you can tell anything to and I will just listen and help AT the end. You can tell me anything; secrets, things you need to get off your chest and other stuff. I take art requests so if you want something drawn just comment me and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, if you need anyone to talk to just drop me an IM. I am an admin of the chatrooms so if you need any help or need to ask something, you can pop in and say hi.
Tools of the trade
For drawing I always use a 2H pencil or sketching then a range of F to 8B for shading. I have a whole set of pencils from 6H to 8B on hand as well an eraser, Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch Tablet and Paint Tool Sai, Corel Essentials 4, Photoshop Cs2
Reading, writing, listening/playing/writing music, drawing (of course), watching anime, emailing, doing random stuff.
Favourite books
My favourite book genre is dark fantasy. Vampires, Fallen Angels, monsters, demons are my thing. I read other stuff too. Thriller, Suspense and action. I dont like realistic stuff and lovey dovey gooey romance *shudders* cant stand it. Too girly
Favourite movies
Dark fantasy again, horror, action with a tint of romace. Yeah I hate girly movies and the likes. Some of my favs are The Avengers, Black Swan and Inception
Favourite music
I like a lot of music. Classical, dubstep, country, rock, I like a lot out there. Except for rap, never was into it