1. Brothers
2. rose for you
3. Gorillaz 2D and Noodle
4. Hailey Williams
5. Ezio Auditore da Firenze
6. Random Doodle Full
7. Random Doodle
8. Hatake Kakashi Anbu
9. Legacy Pegasus
10. Eminem Brass Knuckles
11. Mountain scenary
12. Dirty Beautiful Nature
13. Anime Gal
14. No Evil Anime Style
15. Smoking Blonde Gal
16. Reminiscence
17. Painting Tools
18. Ornamental
19. Mystic Goddess
20. Lively Angel
21. House by the River
22. Great Himalayas
23. Girl
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Hallo, i am just a guy who likes being creative, especially with pencil and paper. I would like to travel the world one day, cuz as you might have guess already, i like to travel !, ~ mostly green natural places ^^ and not crowed busy cities :P and i like languages ^^, till then I'm an average IT student currently studying for his bachelors degree who also happens to work part time as a illustrator, making graphics art. ~ yay So drago art :P, I've been here along time, (not from the very beginning of drago time :P, but yes longer than most of you), and in that time i have learnt alot, and made alot of friends,among whom some really awesome ones ^^. Drago is a great place for beginner artists and an awesome place to hangout. And who knows you might just find me hanging out here ;) Feel free to post comments on my profile, feedback is always welcome. :)
Tools of the trade
I am mostly a sketcher so I draw with pencils alot!!! (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B) along with pencils come eraser, sharpener, ruler, paper and stuff you already know about ;d I also do paintings (water, acrylic, poster, oil) ,other than that i also like to use pencil colors, and soft pastels for coloring my sketches if i feel like it. For digital works i use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Drawing, Swimming, Practicing Guitar, Digital Art, Listening to music, Cycling, Playing PC games, Hanging out with my friends
Favourite books
How to kill a mockingbird, Life of pie, the hunger games
Favourite movies
The secret life of Ariety, Cast Away, Life of Pie, The Notebook, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, 500 days of Summer, Avatar, Death Note Series, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Van Helsing, Resident Evil series, Hellboy Series, Scary Movie Series, Pirates of the Caribbean Series, oh so many more I cant name them all ...
Favourite music
preety much any music with a good beat, guitar and drums and vocals ..... (i've got a mixed taste )