1. Jaguar
2. Saut
3. Zed
4. Tribal Stallion
5. Parrot Tribal Art
6. Crocodile Tribal Art
7. Tribal Spider
8. Arachagon
9. Horse tribal art
10. Wolf Tribal Art
11. Ifrit
12. Cerberus
13. Spyro As A Youngster
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19, Female
United Kingdom
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I am kinda left out in my class. I prefere being in my own world. My favourite animal is either a wolf or a tiger... can't decide.
Tools of the trade
I draw in pencil on paper.... i usually shade, not colour, but when i do colour, i prefere crayons and coloured pencils, unless its tribal art, then i do them with felt tips
I like to draw, read and write. It sounds boring but for me its not. I make up stories, read fantasy books, and draw random things. I also like playing on games, and going on PC, and playing keyboard. I also like sitting down and watching a good movie either at home or cinema
Favourite books
I have a lot, but i love the Demonata seriers by Darren Shan, the Warrior Cats series, 13 Treasures + 13 curses, and the Divide series.
Favourite movies
Ooh i have LOTS: The Twilight Saga, The Narnia series, Simpsons Movie, Shrek, Madagascar, the Hole, Alice in Wonderland (Jhonny Depp), Jurasic park 3 and the Resident Evil series. Oh yea, and Final Destination 3d!
Favourite music
... JLS, Cheryl Cole Promis this, black eyed peas, N-Dubz playing with fire, Fireworks, umm.... i have loads okay!