1. eye with wings
2. a heart with wings
3. graffitti a
4. random eye
5. my fiance
6. henna ying yang tattoo
7. henna tattoos
8. a tiger anthro
9. me as a anthro fox
10. mason as a anthro cat
11. deer skull and human skull
12. browning tatto 2
13. browning tattoo
14. celtic cross
15. vampire skull
16. a little star in a big star
17. monster
18. random fire and a heart
19. random drawings
20. lips
21. eye
22. frog tattoo
23. slipknot symbol
24. candy headphones
25. baby grr
26. grr
27. horse girl
28. fox girl
29. anime girl horse
30. Sasuke
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United States
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Here.s a little bit about me.....Since November 21 of 2012 on my birthday I have been on my own. My parents kicked me out. I am now living with my fiancee and his family and we are having a baby soon. I finished school and now all I need to do is 2 more tests to get my diploma. My fiancee is also getting his diploma with me. I draw to get my anger out on to paper or to get rid of my problems. Drawing is my get away from the world to relax. I have been very depressed when I can't draw so I try to draw if I can. I love to draw. It's my talent i think. I want to go to a art school but, there so expensive. I also love playing the guitar. I have learned a few songs. The recent one I have learned the whole song to is Monster by Skillet. I love horses, Dragons, foxes, white tigers, and a lot of animals.
Tools of the trade
I use color pencils,crayons,pencils,markers and anything really.
I love to draw. (of course) I like to be in the woods and learn about the plants and animals.I love to read.I have read almost 300 books.You would say i am a book worm. I like ridding horses but, I haven't rode a horse in about 2 years. I like mudding, four wheel ridding, fishing, hunting, roller skating,
Favourite books
I have read a lot of books but my favorite, ones will have to be "Fallen" it's really a good book. I also like "Tiger Curse" they should make a movie about it. "Lion Boy" "Percy Jackson" "The 39 Clues" "Bloody Jack series" "Eragon"
Favourite movies
Well I don't know if anyone will remember this movie but i love "The Labyrinth" "Serenity" "Dukes of Hazard" "Lord of the Rings" "Star wars" "Eragon" (though the book was better)
Favourite music
I like any kind of music but i love this band called "Flame feat:forever" it's a rap christian song. I also love "Black Veil Brides" I really love them. I also like "Sleeping with sirens" there my other fav band. I listen to them more than anything. I like "Red", it's a Christian screamo band. "Skillet" is another one. "Dead by April" "Falling in Revers"
Devyn aberts