1. Valentine Pinkie Pie
2. Pinkie Pie
3. Applejack
4. Nightmare Rarity
5. Luna and Cadence
6. G1 Applejack
7. Petunia from Happy Tree Friends
8. Valentine Heart
9. Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie
10. Find The Music In You
11. Princess Luna
12. PomPom Chubby Pony OC
13. Equestria Girls Fluttershy
14. Princess Luna
15. Mega Charizard Y
16. Valentine Heart and Charming Heartkiss as Seaponies
17. Young Cadence and Twiliight Sparkle
18. Pinkamena and Pinkie Pie
19. Nightmare Moon
20. Applejack
21. Vinyl Scratch
22. Surprise
23. Princess Luna And Princess Celestia
24. Rarity
25. Pinkie Pie trying to fly
26. Fluttershy
27. Napolian Treat Self Portrait
28. Twilight Sparkle
29. Flying Together
30. Valentine Heart and Charming Heartkiss
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United States
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My name is Monique,Ive been drawing since I was in 11th grade.Im pretty quiet but I'm a nice person so feel free to post on my profile or add me as a friend,I don't bite ;3.Also I am a PEGASISTER I love mlp fim my fav ponies r pinkie pie,princess luna,applejack and rainbow dash.And I like pokemon pokenerds unite lol.
Tools of the trade
i use old fashion number 2 pencils,I draw on sketchpad paper and I color with coloring pencils,markers,and sometimes oil pastels
playin video games,drawing,listening 2 music
Favourite books
Favourite movies
Good Burger,Major Payne,Friday,Up,Madagascar 3,Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and a few others...
Favourite music
i listen to music mostly from the 90's
its a secret :3
this still exists?lol