1. Chibi Angry bird
2. Simba
3. Bunneh
4. Bloody Jack
5. Flying wolf
6. zombie Bowser
7. zombie Pikachu
8. Pink Panther
9. Drift
10. Unfinished Angry Dog
11. Club penguin snow leopard
12. Swirling puffle
13. Baby perry
14. Oddie the moshling
15. Zombie Gir
16. Hunger Games symbol
17. Twisted Whiskers (Cutie snoot)
18. Roxy Foxy 16
19. Gerry the snail
20. Angry Birds 2
21. Arctic Fox
22. Perry the Platypus
23. Bulbasaur
24. Creepy dragon with really big eye
25. Doggies print
26. anthro Doggy
27. Artistc duck
28. Cookiemonster 23
29. Angry bird
30. Alligator
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15, Female
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i am a dirty blond blue eyed girl who loves to draw. I am creative using my left hand and foot. My favourite sport is soccer,and people on my team call me their secret weapon :3 I am a little picky around food and would like to learn a lot about biology.
Tools of the trade
i use hb pencils or shading pencils (if i have to) and i also use crayola pencil crayons.oh,and of course a sharpie but i seriously hate crayons XP to waxy, Messes up meh drawings.
Drawing, soccer and school XD
Favourite books
The Ghost Of Graylock, Diary of a whimpy kid, And Garfield XD
Favourite movies
Rio, Paranormal activity (doesn't matter what one), frankenwienie, A series of unfortunate events and Ghost rider.
Favourite music
Ke$ha *Die Young* and Taylor swift *We are never getting back together*
Website not made yet, drawings going to be for sale! :D
I have 1 but i do'nt want to share it sorry.
SpreadYorWingsAndFly (yes i spelt your wrong)
what is that?
Not sharing sorry.
Don't got it. :T