1. giraffey9 self potrait
2. Cartoon self portrait of me
3. Simon ghost Riley (Call of duty MW2)
4. Minecraft logo
5. David mason (call of duty black ops 2)
6. Chibi mike harper (Call of duty Black ops 2)
7. Call of duty black ops 2 logo (1)
8. Mike harper (call of duty black ops 2)
9. Terminator
10. Call of Duty Black ops 2 Nuketown 2025
11. Nikolai Belinski (Call of Duty black ops zombies moon)
12. Sandman and Derek frost Westbrook (modern warfare 3)
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United States
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H all I can say is that I love gaming, athletics and wall ball. And if you like to get to talk to me, feel free to do so :). Just give me respect.
Tools of the trade
Pencil, pen, 2270 5b deep shade pencil, 2264 3b drawing pencils, 2275 6 sketching pencil, and rare earasers.
Play video games, watch YouTube videos, workout, skateboarding, and drawing of course. Also I like to play the Xbox 360 and play with my friends in Xbox live. And I like to do paper crafts as well.
Favourite books
Books that involve technology, engineering, robotics, and things that deal with the military. My most favorite book is the "U.S Navy SEALS at war".
Favourite movies
District 9, downfall, hunger games, the three stooges, terminator, kindergarten cop, running man, total recall 1990s version, diary of a wimpy kid, The A-Team 1980s and 2010 version, wreck it ralph, white chicks, and battle: Los Angeles, and The lone survivor.
Favourite music
Techno and rock. Avenged sevenfold, Eiffel 65, bloom 06, lady gaga, ke$ha, Elena siegman, 009 sound system, etc.
Only reliable friends can know
N/A parents can't can't let me have one :(
N/A can't let me have this either