1. car (sketch)
2. viewful joe
3. Marvel and DC strongest
4. Spiderman half suit
5. Kid Muscle ultimate muscle
6. Megaman
7. Superman and wonder woman
8. Robin teen titans
9. EdwardElric
10. DarkMagician
11. optimus
12. untitled
13. ss2 gohan
14. anime sketch
15. Robin sketch
16. Knight
17. Mother
18. Batman
19. manga character
20. naruto tweety bird
21. naruto
22. sasuke
23. naruto
24. hunk resident evil
25. sharingan yugi
26. BJay drawings
27. chibi naruto
28. an old gentleman
29. sea horse
30. chibi redfield
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Hey I am BJay Beasley. I'm a artist who's dream ever since 9 y.o.was to be a great comic book artist/animator.I draw everything from portraits to super heroes and manga characters.I intend to enroll in art institutes to learn animation as soon as I complete the art instruction schools.it's difficult doing so since I work almost every day.I enjoy working out and viewing other artwork and animation.
Tools of the trade
Color pencils, paints,pencils,pens,markers
Drawing,working out,viewing others artwork.
Favourite books
Brody's ghost. Miki falls. Superboy new 52 series. Superman new 52 series. Dragon age.last airbender. Legend of korra.( Just to name a few)
Favourite movies
Hitch,Hancock, bleach:memories of nobody, bleach :hell verse, full metal alchemist :sacred star of milos, man of steel, the sitter, the one, black mask, justice league:war, epic, frozen, yugioh! Bonds beyond time, marvels avengers, rush hour, rush hour 2,rush hour 3,this means war, dragon age:dawn of the seeker, Superman unbound, next avengers:heroes of tomorrow, tales of vesperia, son of batman, Troy, priest, white house down, jumper, I robot, the mortal instruments:city of bones(to name a few)
Favourite music
R&B love songs
bj beasley